4 Ways Finding a Spiritual or Religious Practice Can Help Your Recovery

A lot of people don’t know much about spirituality or religion. Some people can feel uncomfortable when they think of religion. It reminds them of being in church when they were children and didn’t really understand what God was. However, for those of us in recovery, we have to turn to our Higher Power to help us through our recovery. Finding a spiritual or religious practice can be really good for your sobriety. Here’s why:

1. Prayer and meditation build inner strength and peace.

Whether you are praying to God, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Ganesh, or any other deity, developing a practice of prayer and meditation is a great way to introduce more compassion, love, peace, and well-being into your life. When you pray and meditate, you will start to feel like you can be or accomplish anything. God gives you a strength you never knew you had when you truly allow yourself to lean on God as you understand Him.

2. Getting involved in spiritual and religious communities will help you make friends for the right reasons.

We’ve all made friends in the bar or friends who are always there when they want someone to party with. Never mind the fact that they are seldom there when you actually need them. A spiritual or religious community is a great place to make genuine friendships and develop sincere relationships with people who will be there for you no matter what.

3. Having a sense of faith will bring you a sense of peace.

There is something a lot more peaceful about believing that someone has your back, whether that someone is Jesus or simply the Universe or a representation of Love. It makes you feel like you are not so alone and isolated, which is one of the things that makes people want to drink in the first place.

4. Our Higher Power has the strength we need.

We cannot do this alone. We cannot get sober alone. We need God, we need a Higher Power. If you have ever tried to get sober on your own and failed, you know exactly what I mean. Lean on your Higher Power for the strength you need to stay sober. You will be amazed where His love will take you.