Alcohol Rehabilitation: What Can You Expect?

Millions of Americans suffer from alcoholism. Unfortunately, there is a stigma associated with alcoholism. However, we know that it is a disease that needs to be treated. One of the best ways to receive treatment for alcohol disorders is to attend a rehabilitation program.

When it comes to rehab facilities for alcoholism, it can seem overwhelming. If you are in the position where you need to get help for your alcoholism, it’s important that you don’t wait to get the help that you deserve. There are a lot of things to consider.

Type of Treatment

There are different types of treatment that are necessary for alcoholics. Some people need partial hospitalization programs or inpatient treatment where they are under medical supervision 24 hours a day. Some patients need to be rehabilitated for 30 days, 60 days, even 90 days. Some patients only need outpatient rehabilitation. Everyone has their own unique situation.

Group Therapy

In most rehabilitation facilities, 12-step group therapy will be required. These groups are often extremely productive and helpful for the suffering alcoholic. Patients are encouraged to continue treatment with Alcoholics Anonymous meetings after rehabilitation has been completed.

Dual Diagnosis

For patients who also suffer from mental illness, most rehabilitation facilities will offer treatment for co-occurring disorders. Studies show that 50 to 70% of patients in a rehabilitation program also suffer from a mental disorder and need to be treated for that as well. Treating a mental disorder and treating alcoholism go hand in hand; one cannot be treated without the other.


Most rehabilitation programs will offer aftercare or treatment for patients following completion of the program. Aftercare can include support groups, counseling, cognitive therapy, and relapse prevention. It is extremely important that a facility have a good aftercare program as this is what helps prevent relapses.

Going to a rehab facility for alcoholism can be a scary decision to make. It’s also the most important decision you will ever make. Getting the help you need is essential. All of your loved ones will be incredibly appreciative and supportive, and they will help you to make sure that you receive the help that you need.